Friday, March 2, 2018

Follow Your Dream <-- No Regrets

What exactly does following your dream look like? I believe my youngest is doing just that.

He is the musician of the family. He plays the bass guitar with a band in our area.

When he was in middle and high school he played the clarinet for the marching band. He excelled to the point of making Mid-state and then All-state. I love listening to him play his clarinet.

One day, he came home from school talking about starting a band and he was so excited. There was a fire in his eyes. He picked up the bass that He had never played before and within about a month, he had mastered it! This kid blows me away with his musical ability.

He has struggled some recently. Feelings of doubt, depression, etc. All he longs to do is play music. He does not want to consider other avenues of living, You know like having a job.

I am so incredibly proud of this kid, as I am with all of my children. He can say that he followed his dream. He will be able to look back at some point without regret.

2 Chronicles 15:7 NIRV Be strong. Don't give up. God will reward you for your work.

How about you, sweet friend? Are there things that you regret not doing? Are there things that you regret that you did? Please leave a comment.

Have a blessed day.

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